One Million Cord Cutters

We are #Winning!!

An estimated 1 million homes decided to cut their cable television and depend on their antenna, Netflix subscription and the web for entertainment last year, according to an April report from the Convergence Consulting Group Ltd.

That comes on top of the 550,000 homes that ended their cable TV subscriptions in 2009. It predicts another 520,000 homes will cut their cable TV this year.

Have you cut your cable tv cord?
Ellen Lee, April 7, 2011

1 comment to One Million Cord Cutters

  • Renato L.

    I ended Big Cable after many years last July ’11 in Las Vegas hoping for a better alternative. Unfortunately the best I can do is my omni-directional antenna that gets me about 8-9 “real” channels as the others do nothing for me. So our rebellion is all fine and well, but realistically who is providing a reasonable alternative to get the “a la carte” programming we all want?!? I only want to watch as few as 10 channels and am willing to pay a fair price just for those. It is so frustrating that I have to go to a casino to watch all my European sporting events or opt to not watch them live…after-the-fact. Argh!

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