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The Simple Idea to Pick Your Own Programming

Update 3/7/10:
Welcome to the latest "Programming Wars!" ABC vs Cablevision!
It is regrettable that both of them are waging this war with the Cablevision subscribers caught in the middle. Really? And at the end of the day, all the costs and frustrations will be borne by you! Make no mistake, these types of disputes will only happen more and more often... except there is one option. A la carte programming. Let the channels set their monthly price and then you can pick your own programming.
How refreshing!

Update 3/4/10:
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Update 2/7/10:
In recent conversations with small cable operators and nascent high-tech startups, executives revealed that it could be possible for a new provider to provide high-speed Internet and cable with roughly 1,000 interested customers in a neighborhood. Through the power of social media, we could jumpstart this process by opting-into a program customized to our preferences.

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Our Pledge:
I am fed up with my cable provider force-feeding me unwatchable programming, then raising my rates without notice. I am sick of complaining and I want action. I am hopeful that by joining this movement, together, we will combine our buying power to restore transparency and competition into the cable industry.

No longer will Big Cable pick my programming, I will!

I'm spreading the word to my neighbors! Cautiously optimistic


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